Why Is a Metal Roof Better Than Asphalt?

While there are many types of roofing materials available for homeowners to choose from, there is one that is more popular than others. Many homeowners choose traditional asphalt shingles because they feel shingles give their home the protection it needs along with the look they desire. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles are not always the best choice. With this information on asphalt shingles vs. metal shingles, homeowners will understand why they may want to consider switching to a metal roof.

Why Is Metal Better?

Asphalt shingled roofs will last around twenty years or so, depending on their exposure to severe weather and the maintenance they undergo on a regular basis. Metal roofs can last significantly longer, with averages of 50-70 years or more depending on the type of metal.

Aside from longevity, there is also the benefit of little to no maintenance. Metal offers the following benefits as a roofing material.

  • Metal is naturally waterproof.
  • Metal resists mold and mildew growth.
  • Metal resists splitting and cracking.
  • A painted metal roof will not need to be repainted for about thirty years, making this a low-maintenance option.
  • Metal roofing does not become damaged by snow and ice like asphalt roofs can. Even though the snow sticks, it does not cause damage.
  • A metal roof can stand up to hail much better than an asphalt roof can. The strength of metal has prompted many insurance providers to offer discounts to homeowners with metal roofs.

Although the initial cost of a metal roof is more than an asphalt, the longevity of the roof and lack of maintenance more than make up for the costs and can end up saving a homeowner money in the long run.

Discover More Today

If it is time for a new roof for your home, metal is an excellent choice. Choosing a metal roof allows homeowners to rest assured their home is protected. This roofing material can last as long as the home does and does not require the maintenance of other types of roofing materials. To learn more about your options for metal roofing, visit the website right away. Call with any questions you might have.