What to Know About Goose Feather Down Pillows

When a person is searching for a way to achieve the ultimate supported, warm sleep, they won’t find anything better than a down-filled comforter and goose feather down pillows. These are all-natural pillows that are a great option for those who feel as though their head gets too hot at night. Down allows airflow to move through the pillow, which keeps the head nice and cool. Also, these pillows can mold to the shape of a person’s head. Keep reading to learn more about down pillows.

Benefits of Down Pillows

One of the main advantages offered by using a down pillow is the ability it has to form to the curve of a person’s neck and head. This provides customized, personalized support for each user. Also, these pillows “breathe.” This is beneficial to keeping people cool at night.

Caring for Down Pillows

With proper cleaning and care, a down pillow can last for up to 20 years. One way to care for these pillows is to use a zippered pillow protector along with a pillowcase that completely covers the pillow. In addition to keeping the pillow fresh and clean, this will help ensure it doesn’t absorb natural body oils into the feather. If down pillows aren’t being used, they should be stored in breathable bags. If plastic bags are used, they will trap moisture, which increases the possibility of mildew.

Washing Down Pillows

If a down pillow is dirty, then it’s a good idea to check the label for any washing instructions. If a pillow is machine washable, it will require two rinse cycles to fully remove the soap, as well as two more spin cycles to get rid of all the excess water. It’s necessary to use a low heat setting, too and stop the cycle to hand fluff the pillow about every 20 minutes.

There’s no question that down pillows are a popular option. If a person is considering replacing their existing pillow, then down may be the way to go. This will offer a wide array of benefits that other pillows just can’t compete with – regardless of what they are made of.