Types of Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses have come a long way over the years, helping to eliminate the perception that sleeping on a futon is uncomfortable at best. Modern futon mattress have a wider range of quality, comfort, features, and styles. Starting at the high end are the foam and coil mattresses, which provide additional support and comfort. Coil mattresses resemble a traditional mattress, providing the same level of comfort and pressure point absorption one can expect from a regular bed. To get more information on the types of futon mattresses, visit online futon mattress buying guides.


The main types of futon mattresses are foam, spring, wool filled, cotton, foam and polyester, foam/cotton hybrid, and innerspring coil. Memory foam mattresses are reported to be highest in comfort, support, and durability. The spring mattress provides good support and come with a reasonable price tag. A wool filled mattress can retain body heat and is best suited for colder climates or drafty rooms. The cotton mattress is traditionally used in Japan, is firm, and relatively inexpensive.

Foam and polyester futon mattresses last a long time and are soft. The foam/cotton hybrid variety provide more support, comfort and durability than a cotton mattress. These mattresses are not as inexpensive as the cotton ones. An innerspring coil mattress is a good option if the futon will be slept on each night, as the mattress provides a higher level of support and comfort.


Those who live in smaller spaces or are looking for affordable, versatile furniture often choose futons. These pieces of furniture function as both a couch and a bed. Guests can easily convert the sofa into a bed for the night and not have to worry about taking up additional space with an air mattress. Futons are great for studio apartments and small one bedroom apartments. The futon can be used as a couch during the day and then as a bed at night. Those in smaller one bedroom apartments can easily convert it from a couch to a bed for friends and family that stay overnight. Choosing the correct mattress for a futon comes down to how much it will be used, individual preferences, budget, and desired comfort level.