The Ultimate Guide to Having a Cleaner Home in Half The Time

Home cleaning is called a chore because it is not considered enjoyable if your house cleaning has taken up your entire week. Our homes are very important for us as they provide us with shelter, security and privacy. Half of our time is spent in our homes so our homes must be safe, healthy and clean. Unhealthy and dirty homes can cause lead poisoning and asthma. Here are some excellent tips to have a cleaner house in half the time.

  1. Develop a system

Cleaning experts say if you want to cut your cleaning time in half then develop a system. Everything you do to clean your house must be in order and must be repeated in the same manner for every time. Clean one room first and then move to the other so that you can save time from running back and forth. When you repeat one thing every time, it becomes your routine. Routine adds speed in your actions, and you clean your home in half the time.

  1. Follow Left to right & Top to down

Start cleaning with dusting. Clean the ceiling fan, tables, blinds and racks and work down to the floor. Following these steps, everything will be clean in the room, and you will only be left with cleaning the lower surface. Then clean from right to left making sure that you have cleaned the whole place. The best way to reduce redundant work and clean your house once is cleaning it from top to bottom & left to right.

  1. Wipe your windows for a more fresh finish

If you don’t feel satisfied with cleaning your windows with paper towels or windex, you can use professional-grade window squeegee which usually costs 12$. A drop of dish soap is placed in a gallon of water and then wiped slowly on the windows with a towel and squeegeed off. You can get a streak-free window by following this method. However, you can also use a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner. Use of horizontal strokes with top to bottom movement of cloth can result in cleaner windows in half of the time.

  1. Keep cleaning tools at the ready

Place all the cleaning products and tools at arm’s reach to avoid the unnecessary walk to the cabinet. You can wear a carpenter’s tool belt or an apron and fill the pockets with the required tools. You can use small spray bottles as they are convenient to carry. Your supplies can also be placed in a bucket or caddy to save time and stay organized. As a house cleaner, you must be having everything with you to save half of your effort and time.

  1. Be Proactive

The best rule to clean a house is “Nip the evil in the bud” which means kill problems before their bulging out. For instance, you can use a shower cleaner to eliminate scum gird and grime in the bath. Every time after the bath you need to spray it on and walk away. You’ll always have a shiny shower.

  1. Clean your place regularly

Cleaning experts suggest, if you want to clean your house in half the time, then you must clean your home more often. Once over every month deep-clean your house, to feel spare for a long time and your house will look clean and nice too. Besides catch-up cleaning develop a habit of maintaining cleaning.

Finally, If you build a routine of cleaning, washing and de-cluttering your house for 20 minutes daily it will be far better than saving your tasks till the weekend. So, spread your tasks over the whole week.