The Pros and Cons of a Wood Shed and Metal Shed

A person thinking about getting a storage shed or new storage shed will have a lot of questions to answer before making a purchase. For example, storage sheds are available in wood and metal. Which one should the homeowner choose? Both types of standalone structures have good points. They also have some disadvantages.

What is a Metal Storage Shed?

A metal storage shed is simply a shed constructed with metal materials. They are constructed to house tools such as garden supplies, lawn equipment and ladders from the weather. This means these items are safe from the wind, rain and snow. That doesn’t mean a homeowner can’t store other items in this type of shed such as tables and chairs.

One advantage of buying a metal shed is that they are available in many sizes and shapes to assist in storing various items. They are also a more affordable storage shed option. A metal shed can also be purchased with a garage door instead of a traditional door to access larger items. A metal shed is available in a variety of colors. Thus, there is no dreary gray or other dull colors like previous models.

What is a Wood Storage Shed?

A wood storage shed is constructed with wood instead of metal. Quality is the biggest advantage of owning a shed made of wood. Another advantage of purchasing a wood storage shed is that the homeowner can decorate it. For example, a homeowner can decorate the shed with potted plants, flower boxes or place a sports flag over the door.

A wood storage shed is available with windows and shutters. It can be constructed to appear as an extension of the homeowner’s main house. Also, two-story models are available for more storage space. A wood storage and metal storage shed have the same thing in common. They protect belongings inside from weather, damage and vandalism.

A wood storage shed is available with a variety of roof types. These options include a barn roof and A-frame roof. One disadvantage of purchasing a wood storage shed is that it may attract carpenter ants, wood-eating pests and termites if it isn’t treated.

Picking the Storage Shed Depending on the Use

When picking a storage shed, it’s important to make the decision based on the purpose of owning the shed. For instance, a shed is a small building that is typically used for storage. However, it can also be used as a studio, office or exercise space. Thus, a homeowner will select the type of construction such as metal or wood based on the purpose of using the storage shed.

A homeowner would typically buy a wood shed for an office or studio. If a homeowner wanted to storage things, they would purchase a metal storage structure. Another way to make a decision between a metal and wood shed is based on personal preference. A homeowner may prefer to buy a storage shed based on the type of material they like.