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Benefits of Self Defense Pepper Spray

It is very important to have pepper spray if you are an independent person. It doesn’t matter if you are just walking alone or whether you live in an unsafe neighborhood. It is very convenient to actually have pepper spray. The good thing about pepper spray is that it is non-deadly and very adequate. It is easily portable and it is actually legal in most places. Pepper spray normally comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Pepper spray has inflammatory properties. It also causes immediate expansion of the capillaries when it comes to contact.

When you use pepper spray on someone, the mucous membranes are immediately affected. The membranes in the lungs, nose and throat are the ones that are affected. This makes it difficult for them to breathe or even see. Eyes close without any warning when you use pepper spray on them. The eyes will start to tear and burn intensely. This feeling takes effect for a certain period of time. Use of pepper spray causes your attacker to start coughing. This is because the lungs will be breathing pepper spray. Your attacker will not be able to breathe properly in this case. Your body will not be able to coordinate well because it will be trying to recover. You will have a chance to run because your attacker will be debilitated.

Pepper are very cheap and anyone can actually afford them. You will be able to protect yourself in the most affordable way. Using pepper sprays is not something. If you are attacked you will be able to easily protect yourself. Pepper sprays can be used by anyone who knows how to use pressurized canned products. You can manage crises simply because of the mechanical assembly of pepper sprays. You will be able to act with boldness and assurance in such a way that nobody will sneak up on you. To use pepper spray you don’t have to be prepared in any way. You will be able to escape your attacker unharmed.

Pepper sprays are now available in different in styles. Some are in form of lipsticks and even jogging weights. This means you can be able to carry it everywhere you go. You can even carry it in your purse because it is the same size as your lipstick. Using pepper spray enables you to find yourself a safe space. Your attacker will definitely not anticipate if you have any self-defense product. This element of surprise actually works to your advantage. The pepper spray normally takes effect for more than 30 minutes. The attacker will also be temporarily blind. This is definitely going to be an added advantage on your end.

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