Steps to Planning the Perfect Wedding

A wedding is a very special occasion for a couple to share their love with their friends and family. This special occasion must be perfect to ensure a happy and momentous celebration of their love. This event takes a lot of planning a preparation to get everything just right. Fortunately, the happy couple can follow a few steps to help ensure this planning process is easier and provides a perfect wedding celebration.

Budget and Guest List

The first and most important part of the planning process is to determine a budget for the event and stick to it. This will help minimize a lot of frustrations and problems throughout the planning. The next step is to get a estimated guest list. First, make a detailed list of all the people that must be a part of the celebration. These are the core guests. Then, add guests to a list that can be cut down if necessary. This list can even be categorized in levels of importance to help ensure the budget can accommodate.

Choosing the Venue

The next step in this process is to determine the venue for the event. For some couples, two venues may be necessary or desired. One to have the wedding ceremony and another venue for the reception. The venue must be large enough to accommodate all guest for the event. In addition, there must be room for any activities, such as dancing or a band performance, at the reception. Venues, such as Clevedon Hall, can be a perfect option to have the reception in a fairy tale setting.

Food, Decor, and Entertainment

Once the first two parts of the wedding are planned, the rest of the details are relatively easy. There are many catering services that can assist with a menu for the reception. It is important to try to find food options that will satisfy anyone on the guest list. The decor can consist of linens and centerpieces, as well as flowers and other accents for the celebration. There are florists and other companies that can color coordinate any desires of the couple. Any entertainment for the event can be planned at this point as well.

The right wedding venue can help with many of the details involved in planning the wedding. They can even provide a wedding coordinator to help plan the special day or even provide an entire wedding weekend package.