Sealing Your Property From the Elements

Your home is valuable. It’s a space to lay your head at night, a massive financial investment, and a shield that protects you from the weather and the world outside.

But your home can only protect you from the elements if you do your part to protect it in turn. If you allow rain, wind, snow, sand, and other abrasive forces to weather your home, you’ll slowly lose the qualities that make your space so valuable to you and to potential home buyers.

So what can you do? Simple: take the time to seal your space from the elements. Some home improvement projects which you may think of as cosmetic are actually vital for this exact purpose. Here are a few such projects you should consider.


Painting makes your home look fresh and beautiful, inside and out. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that painting and repainting your home is strictly an aesthetic decision, according to pros who specialize in exterior house painting in Massachusetts. Paint is more than just a nice, clean color — it also plays a valuable role in protecting your home.

Many of the raw materials that your home is built from are not designed to withstand the forces of nature. Yes, they’re strong enough to keep your home standing, but they’re not supposed to be be bared to the wind, rain, hail, etc. To keep doing the structural work that they do, they need to be sealed from such elements with things like a fresh coat of paint. If you neglect repainting in favor of “more important” projects, you could seriously damage your home.


Few parts of your home are as important as its foundation. The solid concrete and metal rebar that keep your space in place are absolutely vital to every other part of your home. That’s good news when your foundation is in great shape, but bad news when it’s not.

If you encounter a problem with your foundation, you need to act fast. Cracks and pooling water can be signs of very serious problems, and letting such issues go can be disastrous for your house and your finances in the long term.

You should also take early steps to prevent such problems. That means investing in basement waterproofing, among other basics. Water is an incredibly powerful force of nature, and if you don’t protect your concrete with a tough waterproof seal, you could end up paying dearly for your mistake later on. Speak to experts about waterproofing and make sure basement waterproofing is a regular part of your home maintenance schedule.


Your home offers you a roof over your head, but that roof requires upkeep. Roofs of all kind need to be repaired and replaced, so be sure to get regular roof inspections and be proactive about maintenance. Problems with your roof won’t get better on their own, and are very likely to get worse. A missing or damaged shingle could be the vulnerable point that the next big storm uses to tear your roof apart. Or worse, it could completely fall in. Those outermost parts of your roof are the shield that protects the roof structure itself from the elements, so when the elements get the better of that layer, it’s on you as a homeowner to step in and replace the damaged bits.

If you do face a serious accident due to a lack of home upkeep, your insurance will likely ask whether you knew about these issues beforehand, according to an accident attorney in Pennsylvania. So be smart: seal your home off from the elements with a well-maintained room. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable and valuable home, and you’ll save money in the long run.