Protect Personal Water Features With Aeration

Ponds and lakes cannot thrive without the proper level of aeration. Any property with a water feature that is not properly maintained will eventually lose value, be unappealing to look at and is a disservice to the wildlife in the area. Aeration does not need to be a complex subject or expensive to maintain. Here is what all landowners should know.

Problems Remain All Year

Winter may seem to be a time of inactivity in many parts of the country, but aeration is just as necessary during the cold as it is as the days get warmer. In fact, the need for additional help with aeration is often higher in the winter due to the fewer hours of sunlight for photosynthesis and the ice cover that shields the water from receiving oxygen and sunlight.

People Enjoy Clean Water

The smell of algae, the feel of muck between the toes and the allergic reactions and rashes on the skin are all problems that take place when water is not kept properly balanced. People do not want to be in or near water that is unclean. If the lake or pond is on private property it could become a hazard for the family. Commercial properties could seem less professional and desirable to customers if the lack of aeration leads to obvious problems.

Loss of Investment

All the best information on lake aeration includes how not maintaining oxygen levels will kill off fish. Money is lost from anyone that has spent the time and money to stock their private water feature, has added plants to lure in turtles and frogs and grows flowers to encourage visits by birds. The fish will die when the nitrogen levels grow too high in the water. The water will become uninhabitable for reptiles and amphibians, plants begin to die out and wild birds stop visiting because their food sources begin to fail.

One initial investment in a new aeration system and a little maintenance each year to keep the system operational is all that is needed. Once the process is in place it will take the landowner only a few minutes each week to keep the water in its best condition and enjoyable for everyone.