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Beginners’ Guide To Bird Watching

For any person who is in love with nature, bird watching can be a great hobby. Other than being a great pass time, you will get to learn about various species that live around you. Although beginners are often stuck on where to start from, with a few pointers, one can get on their way as it is not a difficult thing to start on.

Knowing where to find the birds is the first thing bird watchers need to know. Tracking birds for beginners is often tedious as birds are often flying all over the place and it may be a challenge to know where their habitat is at. Getting the birds to come to you is one of the easy and simplest things you can do. Putting up a bird feeder is the way to go about this. By setting up an inexpensive bird feeder, you will be able to attract a lot of local birds into your backyard. Once the birds know that you have food for them in handy, you will be able to see more species of birds in your backyard. By doing this, you will be a backyard birder which is a good thing as you get to see different types of birds in your backyard.

Get a good field guide once you start on the bird watching. As a bird watcher it is important o you to invest in a well written field guide. Ensure that you invest in a field guide that has more than just pictures of birds. The guide needs to have knowledge about things like the bird’s habitat and its migration patterns. The guide should also contain detailed illustrations of the bird species. Get a guide that is easy to flip through and understand as it will be important for a beginner. To get a book that has information on birds in your area, get a guide that covers bird species in your area. The guide will come in handy when you choose to go outside your home for bird watching.

After you get a guide, you will need a good pair of binoculars. You do not need to break the bank on your first binoculars, as long as it has good optics. When you are looking for something more compact, go for the monocular.

There is a next step for you to take once you have started on bird watching. It is important for you to keep record in detail of the birds you have spotted. You have the option of doing this yearly or seasonally. These are the notes you can use when comparing notes with fellow birders.

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