New Roofs – New Horizons

Owning a home and/or business is somewhat of a risky task. These places need to be cared for around the clock and maintenance cannot wait. Homes and businesses are the heart of our society. It is where families live, and small shops thrive. This is why care is needed because with careful checks and addressing the right issues, saving a family or business from a crisis can be easy. If ignored, it could lead to a catastrophe.

One of the first parts of a home or business to be checked is the roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of the structure next to the foundation. The roof keeps the family in and the weather, elements, and insects out. Roofs take a heavy beating and when replacing or restoring a roof, it can be hard to decide which type of roof is best. It is best advised to visit a roofing blog for more information.

For many decades, shingles have been the primary roofing material because, in the past, it was cheaper to install shingles and the technology to fit other roofs to existing houses did not exist. Many homeowners are switching to installing metal roofs for many reasons. Though shingles last a couple decades and are cheap, they also have many issues, including color fading, cracking, non-storm resistant etc.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Looking for an upscale design of a traditional shingle but last up to three times longer or more? Steel panel stamped shingle metal roofing is a possible consideration. Metal roofing offers a great look that can be modern or traditional depending on taste. Metal roofs are reinforced with the strength and durability of steel. Metal roofing is also generally available in many earth tone colors.

Metal roofs also are guaranteed against abnormal weathering and discoloration, high wind and damaging hail. It also is non-porous and is freeze-thaw resistant. They tend to never crack, break, burn, curl or split like traditional asphalt shingles.

The Installation Process

Generally, metal roofs start as a steel panel that is stamped into a design of the homeowner’s choice and then coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy. Stone chips are taken and bonded to the steel. The stone offers a protective coating and resistance to fading. The final glaze is put on and ties it all together.