Is Working in an Offshore Oil Rig for You?

Life in the middle of the sea

If you don’t suffer from sea sickness, or anything related to it, then maybe working on an offshore oil or gas rig is the right job for you. Offshore-based positions will place any workers in stressful situations like choppy waves, strong winds, large swells, and if you’re not that lucky, maybe an intense and unrelenting storm. Working in an oil rig in the middle of the sea is not for the faint of heart. It can make fearless men claustrophobic. Some people call it “floating Alcatraz, or the prison in the sea.” But the reality is, it is not as scary as some people say it is. If you live in the rig long enough, you will know that life in the platform is both enjoyable and tough. You will meet the friendliest crew, and everything is FREE. The food, gym, entertainment facilities, and offshore oil rig living quarters.

The most important thing to remember when you plan to work in the middle of the sea is the environment. Life on the rig is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. You need to see every safety precaution the company are implementing, and you need to make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings, even if you are not working. Deaths in the rig are almost a non-existent, but even if it is 99.9{6d40db8ad59a081d2623a3a9bd7863d798d63b747b04bf23a79a270feb06bcf4} safe in the platform, there’s still 0.1{6d40db8ad59a081d2623a3a9bd7863d798d63b747b04bf23a79a270feb06bcf4} that an accident might happen, and it might be fatal if you are not careful. Working on the rig is a team effort. You need to look out for yourself as well as your co-workers to ensure that you and everyone on the platform will go home with their family safe and sound.

If you are living in the oil rig, in the middle of the sea, you will feel isolated. The feeling of being alone, away from your family, and in a different time zone for an extended period can be very tough. You need to prepare yourself and make some sacrifices like missing some birthdays, your wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, your children’s graduation, or even Christmas holidays, and the list goes on. If you are the type of person who usually goes out and socialize, this job will be difficult for you. Not to mention, people who have families or children, you might miss some critical milestones in your children’s lives and can be heart-wrenching. One of the people I know that work in an oil rig said to me that, if you want to work offshore, you have to prepare yourself to miss important events in your life, he missed the birth of two of his children, that’s a memory you can’t get back. Fortunately, most of the people who work in the oil rigs are either commitment-free or divorced because of their line of work.

There’s a handful of men or women that work offshore that has families waiting for them back home. Some people say that this job is a homewrecker, but for me, you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself and your family, especially the children. Evaluate every one of the risks and explain to them that this is not a permanent job, once you saved enough money, you can go back and start a small business. This job pays a lot more compared to another job, and everything in the rig is free including food, accommodation and toiletries, so, saving money will not be a problem.

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Every work in the oil or gas rig demands a lot, mentally and especially physically. You need to keep yourself healthy and fit to do your job. Since the food in the platform is free and food are mostly junk foods, it is challenging to stay healthy and fit. Some companies require their workers to eat fresh vegetables and fruits at least once a day, but fresh produce is hard to come by, since food stocks are delivered once a week, by helicopter or by boat. I know someone that works in a rig that cooks delicious and healthy food, and also has a great gym or fitness facility. Some platforms have a physical instructor onboard to make sure every worker stays healthy and fit. You need to be focused on exercising and eating healthy food. If your rig doesn’t have a fitness facility, you have to improvise, do yoga or Pilates. You can do sit-ups, pull-ups or pushups in your room to keep you in shape.