How to Use Self Storage to Keep Your Valuables Safe

When you are determining the best way to keep your valuables safe using self-storage, you should always take time to seek out advice. Whether you need organizational storage for your shoe collection or your rare book collection, you need a system that will keep your valuables safe. Using a rental storage facility will help prevent theft better than storing your valuables in your home. Storage units are a secure way to keep your treasures locked away and you have the only key to get into the storage facility.

Most storage rental facilities use CCTV or live-in security to prevent thieves from entering the units. However, an opportunistic thief understands that storage facilities often contain valuables. They will work hard to try to gain access to these units. A well-managed self-storage facility, such as Blue Box Storage, will focus on the security and safety of the units to help ensure that your items remain secure.

In addition to relying on the storage facility, there are things that you can do to safeguard your valuables. If you plan on storing your valuables in a self-storage facility, you should take precautions to avoid theft. This article will discuss tips to help lower the risk of theft of valuables stored in a self-storage unit.

Safe and Sound

The first thing that you must do is to properly pack your valuable to avoid any damage while they are stored in a self-storage unit. One of the worst things that can happen is to discover the boxes that you have used to pack your valuables have become damaged. When the wrong type of box is used or the box is not packed properly, it can cause damage to your valuables.

Keep a Record of Your Valuables

Take the time to itemise each item that is packed for storage. This is especially important if you will be frequently accessing your storage unit. Record the serial numbers of all of your electronics and appliances as well as the replacement value of each item. Once you have done this, you will have a record of your valuables. This information can come in handy if your items are damaged, there is a theft or a fire breaks out.

Lock the Unit Securely

You must ensure that your items that are placed in the storage unit are secured. When you place your inventory in the storage unit, make sure that you secure it with a padlock. Padlocks deter would-be thieves from entering your storage unit. When choosing a lock, ensure that you purchase a tamper-proof lock that can withstand wire cutters or bolt cutters.

When choosing a storage facility, look for one with several layers of security to keep your valuables safe. Make sure that the perimeter is fenced and the entry and exit gates are solid. Storage facilities should offer a unique electronic key code to enter and exit the storage facility. Look for a storage facility that has video surveillance. CCTV can be used to identify and apprehend suspects who try to gain access to storage units.

Environmental Protection

When you are searching for a storage unit, you want one that offers climate controlled units. These units prevent climate extremes. Many items placed in a storage unit can benefit from climate control. A storage unit should provide protection against the element, preferably with climate control systems. Cheaper facilities can offer cost savings; however, to avoid mould and mildew, you should opt for a climate controlled unit. In the long run, climate controlled units will save you money.

Plan for Problems

Although self-storage units are a great and safe way to store your valuable, you must be prepared for a problem in the future. Take out insurance that covers fire, theft and other damage to your valuables.