How to Make the Most of your Storage Areas

If you own a home, we don’t have to tell you how quickly you can run out of space. Whether you have a family of one or of four, your possessions quickly encroach on your personal living areas. But, today, there’s so much out there in regard to storage from assembled wardrobes to portable garages. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can maximize your space at home.

Portable Storage

Garage space is limited for most people. It seems, the more space you have, the more you’ll fill. Since the economic crash during the 2005-2008 years and the housing bubble burst–people had to find creative ways to make financial use of their homes in order to pay the mortgage. So, garages were typically sealed off and rented as rooms. That means a one of two things, either you stuff the closets to capacity or have an enormous purge of belongings.

But, a portable garage placed behind or to the side of the home can act as not only a car-space but a storage space. They can be ordered online and arrive at your door in a convenient flat-pack for quick and easy assembly. If the house sells, it goes with you and if you do purge old stuff eventually; you can even have an outdoor party in it–it’s that simple.

Under Bed Storage

Over the years, storage under the bed has been over looked, partially due to the fact that bed rails have been replaced by more solid platforms. However, if you’re in the market for a new bed, or want to replace the bottom, there’s a variety out there with drawers in the front and, or the sides of the bed platform that work very well.

Storage Towers and Drawers with Wheels

If you’re a crafter or know one, you’ll find they have an amazing setup in their craft room for their supplies full of drawers and portable shelving. Today, you can put these very ultra-modern, muted, colorful, black, solid white or even chrome plated storage towers against the walls. You can look online in the crafting and storage keywords and find a world of decorative portable shelving and drawers with flat tops to place decorations on. No one has to know that they’re just for the junk you don’t have room for; this can really dress up a guest-room or hobby room. Many use these when the kids go off to college and the extra room is no longer occupied.

Get Hooked!

The closet is one of the most underutilized spaces in the home. Typically, people will place the clothing in first and let the rest of their stuff go on the top shelf and on the floor. This is boring, and you can make it interesting! First, get some hooks installed on the back of the closet, hang the clothes that can go on a hook and not be ruined as well as the clothing you don’t use a lot. Even seasonal stuff like beach clothes in the winter or winter clothes in the summer, get it? Great! Then, you have more free space in the width and not just the height of the closet.

Master these few creative tips and you’re clutter days are over.