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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Text Marketing Service

As of 2016, most countries around the world had a mobile subscription rate of over 50{6d40db8ad59a081d2623a3a9bd7863d798d63b747b04bf23a79a270feb06bcf4}. Many of the western economies have recorded a subscription rate way above the 50 percent mark. Ending campaigns to your customers using text marketing services is therefore very easy. Messaging technology is a very effective marketing technique as 95 percent of messages sent are opened by the user. The increased use of text marketing services has been caused by the high rate of mobile subscription. This has made it difficult for many companies to choose the best SMS marketing service to work with. In this post, we will address things that y8u should consider when looking for the best SMS marketing service.

First, you need to consider the channels used by the service provider to send your campaign. The service provider may apply routes that may adversely affect your business. It is therefore important to consider the routes used by the service provider to send out the tests. Your campaign message can be sent through two routes. The use of legitimate mobile networks is one of the routes that can be used. This route ensures that you enjoy the best rates in the market. The second rou? is bouncing the messages from one network to another to avoid paying connection fees. The intended recipient may never get this SMS, and hence this route may have negative effects on your business. It also takes a lot of time for the message to reach the intended recipient.

Another thing that you should put in mind when selecting an SMS marketing service is the quality of their customer service. Self-service platforms are used by most text marketing services. This means that you have to do all the work form drafting to uploading to sending out the messages. It is important to choose a service provider with a simple platform. This will save you the time you would have spent learning how to use the platform. You will waste a lot of time trying to understand how to use a complex platform. you should also put the availability of guides in consideration when choosing an SMS marketing service. The guides will you understand how the platform works.

Make sure to consider the cost of working the service provider. Before you decide on which service to use, ensure that you compare prices of different service providers. Some SMS service provider gives you a free subscription to allow you to test the quality of their services. Comparing the prices of different service providers will enable you to select the agency charging the most reasonable price. Before you choose a text marketing service to work with, it is vital that you conduct your research on the pricing of the service.

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