Enjoy the Comfort of Goose Feather Down Pillows

Many people are under the false impression that buying goose feather down pillows for the whole family is cost prohibitive. Nothing is farther from the truth. Department store pillows may have a price tag of five to ten-dollars but the cost of replacing those often adds up quickly. Some people find it necessary to buy three or four of them just to get a night of comfortable sleep because those pillows are flat and uncomfortable.

Higher Initial Price More Cost-Effective

Pillows of real feather, down, or a combination of both will have price tags higher than ten dollars. The major difference is that these pillows will come with ten-year warranties, be as comfortable at year six as they are at year one and hold their shape with proper care. There will be no need to replace them. Compare the money spent on cheap pillows for the family for one year with the one-time cost of a down or feather pillow for each family member. The latter cost will be cheaper.

Accommodate How Each Member Sleeps

The variety of down and feather pillows is more extensive than regular pillows. Not only are they available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm, there are three different levels of quality for down pillows. This is determined by fill power, with eight-hundred and fifty fill power being the highest quality. Other options include seven-hundred and fifty and six-hundred fill power. This means there are seven potential types based on sleep positions.

Side sleepers, for example, will want firm or extra firm pillow feather pillows, or select a down pillow of the highest quality. Back and stomach sleepers will be more comfortable with a soft pillow. People who switch positions will do well with a one-hundred percent feather pillow because it is heavier and can be folded to go behind the back, under the neck and shoulders, or between the knees.

Buy the Down

A great night of sleep is vital to get through the day. Be comfortable, sleep well and enjoy the down and feather pillows. Pillows have a thirty night comfort guarantee so there is nothing to lose and much to gain.