Effective Heatwave Bee Removal Services

During the 2018 heatwave which weather experts have christened Lucifer, we have witnessed searing temperatures, wildfires, localised flooding and water levels decreasing rapidly without rainfall for weeks. As plants, crops and trees wilt under the sun, another effect on the natural world is that bee and wasp populations have increased and tend to be more aggressive. Just as we can grow weary and intolerant in the heat, so too can bees and wasps.

Additionally, as reported in the Daily Mail on 8th August 2018, “Because of the cold winter, the wasp season started about six weeks earlier. Wasps have built absolutely massive nests and, now that all the larvae have grown up…the colonies have a workforce with nothing to do…So they go down to the pub.” Fermented fruit, cider and sweet offerings tempt them to the local hostelry. ‘Wasps can’t handle their booze, so they get tanked-up and fighty – like lager louts.’

The warmth offers the perfect conditions for the queen of a colony to keep reproducing and so if you suffer from apiphobia, the fear of bees, or spheksophobia, a fear of wasps, this year has probably been a particularly taxing one.

As yet, there’s no confirmation of population numbers for 2018, but if we take summer 2010 as an example, there were more wasps than humans according to scientists.

Pests want a safe home with a ready food supply and they are simply living their lives, nothing more sinister, but you don’t need to endure an infestation; bee removal services are efficient, cost effective and peace of mind delivering.

Extreme conditions, extreme measures?

You may consider the fight against pests as a them or me situation but, renowned wildlife expert Chris Packham has urged people not to kill bees or wasps with insecticides.These “pests” are vital to a healthy ecosystem. Without bees and wasps, natural cross pollination and pest control benefits diminish, affecting crops and therefore the food chain. Killing them today has repercussions for the future.

He commented, “The UK pest control market is worth more than £400million…people “can’t pick and choose” which animals to protect.”

As viable means of protection from infestations and attacks, his suggestions include placing food outside, away from the property doors and windows, to tempt ants. Forwasps, a “cardboard baffle…to change their flight path and then they won’t be right in front of the door.’

Trust professionals for infestation resolution

Chemical applications are not the preferred approach with bees and wasp nests; it is rare that pest controllers will eradicate a population, they offer wasp and bee removal services in which the nest is relocated to a more suitable location; none of our buzzing friends die.  Plus, no human suffers from excessive stings or accidents whilst trying to fulfil the task. DIY pest control can be painful and less satisfactory; don’t risk an over the counter solution.

Please call professionally trained and experienced Berkshire pest control specialists like the team at Pest Control Berkshire about bee removal services for swift and comprehensive services.

Reclaim your space.