Easy Budget Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re like many of us, you’re on a tight budget. That’s why we took the time to come up with these easy to do, budget decorating ideas to help you make your home look great. Small details can make a huge difference. All you have to do is grab that can of paint that you have hidden under the stairs and give an old item some love.

1. Add Some Greens

Plants can literally breathe life into an otherwise boring room. They’ll add colour, clean the air, and look great. Oh, you don’t have a green thumb? It’s okay, you can make do with artificial flowers too. Place it on shelves and have it hanging down. Place it on a table top.

2. Upcycling Furnishings

Don’t throw out that worn furniture. Take a second look, get some inspiration from luxury Richmond kitchen showrooms and try upcycling it. Old wardrobes can be given a new life with wallpaper remnants or even glassware. A coat of varnish or paint or some new upholstery is an ideal start.

3. Change Door Handles

Give old cabinets a cheeky update with new door handles, new cupboard handles and so on. Even a simple door knob will give something old a new look. Consider bar handles, shaker style handles or whatever you have on hand.

4. Put Up a Shelf

Shelves help keep clutter corralled. You can find all sorts of great shelves or make your own. They offer character and a great way to decorate. Place knick-knacks on them or books or something else of interest.

5. Tidy Up

Use storage boxes, recover old boxes or recover some cardboard boxes for a unique way to tidy up. Control clutter by placing it in boxes. Make a design or stack them in a corner. Place them on a shelf. Get creative.

6. Get Organised

Give every item you own its own area. This will help you to declutter and keep things looking tidy. If everything has its own area it will look neater and tidier and you won’t be so tempted to just toss things down when you walk into your home.

7. Design a Candle Area

Place all of your candles in one area and make a candle area. This will make a great grouping and give you extra light when needed without having to turn on the power.

8. Accessorise Bath Towels

Roll your towels and place them in a basket, make a statement by displaying them in an art form. It’s amazing how easy it is. Place them in a corner, put them on a shelf. Use a specific colour scheme or just intersperse different colours.

9. Pile Up Cushions and Blankets

Pull cushions and blankets out of the cupboards and stack them in a neat fashion like they do in hotels. Your room will make its own statement when you make this artform. Stack them on a chair or ottoman. Stack them by colour or design.

10. Make a Focal Point

Create a display with mirrors and artwork. Consider making a giant lamp centre stage. This will help to change how the area looks and rejuvenate the old platform of display.

11. Rearrange the Layout

Consider Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, you’ll learn how arranging furnishings can make a difference and make people feel welcome. Clear a doorway, surround a fireplace, welcome in the natural light. Use mirrors and refocus the area with your artwork. It will appear more welcoming and inviting.

12. Display Artwork

Gather all of the artwork from around your home, in the attic, in the basement, new and old and hang it. Create and design your own photo gallery and prop it on shelves, hang it on walls. Set it on tables. Place it all in one room or disperse it throughout your home for a fresh new look.