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Dresses are one of the most flattering types of clothing women can wear. A dress can be used to mold to the curves of a woman’s body or help disguise some of her less-than-perfect parts. When the right dress is chosen, it can help a woman feel confident and beautiful no matter the occasion. With these tips, women will have no problem finding the best dress to add to their collection.

Tips for Dress Shopping

Shopping for a dress does not have to be an intimidating process if a woman knows what she is looking for. The following are some of the best tips women can use for making sure they make the right dress choice.

  • A woman needs to make sure she knows her proper size before going shopping. Taking careful measurements will be helpful, especially if a woman plans on shopping online for a dress. Knowing her measurements will allow the woman to find the perfect size, so she does not end up having to make returns.
  • Body shape is also a determining factor for choosing a dress. Pear shapes should wear dresses that lead the eyes upward and help to balance out the shoulders with the width of the hips. Belted dresses are not recommended because they could cause the hips to look bigger.
  • Apple shapes look best with flowing skirts and embellishments that draw the eyes to the neckline and shoulders. Belted looks are not best for this shape.
  • Those that lack curves and have a straighter figure will find wide belts help to cinch in their figure and make it look more voluptuous. The eyes should go to the center of the body for the best look.

Find the Perfect Dress

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