How to improve the visitor experience in parks or public spaces?

Parks and public places are meant for recreation but if the visitor experience is not good, nobody can actually enjoy visiting such places. Even if a visitor does not have to pay to enter, authorities should still think about improving their experience. After all, they are investing their time and energy to visit the place.

Here are a few ways visitor experience could be improved in parks and public spaces:

Make use of wayfinding

A wayfinding system is no doubt a necessity. No visitor would like to ask for directions from every other person they see just to reach their destination, right? But if the directions and wayfinding are set in the right way, they will have a hassle-free experience. They will  know where to eat, shop, and explore. This will also reduce the requirement for staff to help people find the spots they want visit. The visitor who had a great experience will come again and he might even spread good words of mouth.

Welcome them

Often, a good old welcome sign does it work but if there is someone standing there to greet you, it makes you feel great.  Using warm words and a smile to great people enlightens their mood. Good greetings matter.

Observe and speak with the visitors

One way of improving visitor experience is to actually observe them. Likewise, look for an opportunity to speak to them. Just check in what the visitor is doing and ask if they need your help with anything. A simple question like ‘Hello, I work at this place and I was wondering if I could ask about your visit?’  could start a conversation. Even if they say No, that’s ok.

Find the answer and follow up

Often, a visitor will ask you such questions which you don’t know … Read More..

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