A Guide to Glass Splashbacks

When glass splashbacks were introduced for the domestic kitchen, their main benefits were hygienic. They were just a cleaner, more functional alternative to tile splashes. Glass does a terrific job of keeping splashes and stains off the wall when it’s used behind your sink or hob. Now glass splashbacks come in a range of striking and beautiful looks.

Want to make your kitchen more individual? Looking for a bold and distinctive statement? In a time when people are more appreciative than ever of the kitchen’s central role in family life, it’s a great idea to make a little more effort in brightening the space up and giving it your own aesthetic touch.

“Most glass splashbacks are made of sturdy, heat-resistant toughened glass. This gives them an extremely long lifespan in addition to their attractive appearance and their ease of cleaning and maintenance,” says a kitchen installer at Zen Stone.

Where to Begin

Most people making upgrades to their kitchen are constrained by their budget. This is perfectly reasonable. A glass splashback need not be a luxury item; you can make room for it in even the most modest renovation budget. The total amount of wall space you are going to cover might need adjusting for financial reasons.

The look of your splashback can affect the price significantly. Mirrored and coloured splashbacks are eminently affordable, while patterned, printed, and textured glass splashbacks are generally more costly. The price of your splashback may be affected by special circumstances unique to your kitchen.

If you need cutouts for electrical sockets or extra height to reach an extractor, for instance, you can expect to pay a little more. You can save significantly by handling as much of the installation work as you can on your own. Customisation and install fees can mount up quickly if you are letting professionals handle your whole splashback installation. When all is said and done, the most affordable – and therefore, most popular – option available to you is a simple single-colour splashback covering the space between the hob and the cooker hood.

Your Colour Choices

When you decide to install a coloured glass splashback, your next decision is how to relate the colour of the splashback to the rest of your kitchen. Should it be a neutral colour or one that complements your other palette choices in the kitchen? Do you want to make your splashback stand out by picking a strongly contrasting colour? This is a point where it’s worth giving a little consideration to resale value.

Your splashback will go along with the rest of your home if you choose to sell it in the near future. If you make an exceptionally eclectic colour choice, it might put off future buyers. To maximise resale value, stick with complementary or neutral colours. This has the added benefit of keeping your options open for future d馗or changes of your own.

Printed Splashbacks

Focal points can be crucial in kitchen design. Many homeowners like to attract the visitor’s eye by using a single printed splashback to stand out against solid colour splashbacks. The space behind the hob is a natural choice for this focal point. You can personalise your kitchen tremendously and easily by adding a digital print here. You can have a print made from any of thousands of images available online, or even use a picture of your own for total individuality.

In fact, if you want a printed splashback but don’t have any pre-conceived ideas about what picture to use, picking one out can become a serious challenge!

There is nothing forcing you to combine plain colours with a printed splashback, though. You can achieve similar results – or ones that are even more striking – by using panel-printed glass splashbacks on their own.

Customised Design Features

Thanks to the rising popularity of glass splashbacks, today you can find new offerings that extend your choices with shaded colours and new textures. Splashbacks are available with integrated metal elements, crushed minerals, and blended pigments. If you crave real creativity, look at the amazing shimmering, sparkling effects these cutting-edge splashbacks can create!