How to retire in Italy

Retire to Italy In general, in Italy, when we speak in a generic way about retirement, we need to subdivide it into various types that exist today. More precisely, normally the legal system defined by a legal age fixed by law, in the presence of a contribution normally not less than 20 years. So let’s see how to retire in Italy and what its various subdivisions are. 


The peculiarity of the old-age pension is therefore a not excessively serious contributory requirement – 20 years precisely – a front of a much more stringent registry requirement: the so-called retirement age for 2020 is set at 67 years (therefore stable compared to 2019 , +5 months compared to 2018) for all categories of workers, i.e. men and women, employees and self-employed. It is therefore evident that in order to obtain recognition of the social security contribution in order to be maintained over time, the system provides for some elements of stabilization, also introduced to allow it to withstand the ongoing demographic changes and, in particular, the progressive aging of the population. In this sense, it is important that the retirement age required to be subject to periodic adjustments, by virtue of what is called “life expectancy”.

 If life expectancy increases, the personal data threshold to be reached in order to access the old-age pension also increases. More specifically, starting from last year we adapt every two years (previously it was three years instead): this means that the next adjustment of the requirements is expected for the 2021-2022 period. With the decree of 5 November 2019, the MEF has already established on the basis of the Istat surveys on the average life expectancy, that the registry requirement for the old-age pension will remain firm at 67 years also for Read More..

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